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We can begin the closing process as soon as you are ready by handling all of the steps listed below in a correct, efficient and timely manner. Complete our online questionnaire and one of our Agents will contact you to begin the closing process. All transactions are secured online through a secure SSL connection through your browser.

Closing Process:

  • Verification: Seller and Buyer will be contacted by an agent and all transfer information verified.
  • Estoppels: Timeshare Title, Inc. performs estoppel work to confirm status of account, including confirmation of type of Unit and status/availability of usage week.
  • Escrow of Funds: As a neutral third party in the closing process we will act as an Escrow Agent holding all transfer and purchase money funds to be disbursed at closing.
  • Delivery of Documents: Timeshare Title, Inc. prepares all necessary documents needed to process the transfer and will submit to Buyer and Seller for signatures.
  • Deed Recording (if applicable): Timeshare Title, Inc. will deliver the deed to the appropriate county Clerk of Court for recording. Expedited electronic recording where available.
  • Resort Notification: Timeshare Title, Inc. will submit all appropriate documents to the resort to finalize the transfer.

Additional Services

  • Obtaining copy of the recorded deed: If an Owner is unable to provide a copy of their recorded deed, we can obtain one from the county for a fee of $25.00.
  • Electronic Recording: Expedite the recording of your deed by a considerable amount of time for a fee of $20.00 per document.
  • Escrow Only: If a Buyer and Seller wish for an Escrow company only our fee is $150.00.